MyLiberty is planning a public demonstration—a "Tea Party" gathering—in support of our President, Donald Trump, and his ongoing "Make America Great Again" agenda for our country.

Our first one (we plan to have more throughout his Presidency!) will be around the time of the State of the Union Address in January—date to be determined.

With the Democrats, the RINOS, the entire Washington Swamp, Academia, Hollywood, and the Media all in full battle array against him—and us—Donald Trump has stood his ground and taken all their hits. We want him—and our fellow citizens—to know that he is not alone in facing down these anti-American subversives; that we are with him, and support him.

• • •

*If you'd like to help us plan these events, check our "Calendar of Events" for the next MyLiberty meeting, and join us.

If you'd like to participate in the event, check here regularly for information and updates.

"There is no Left and Right; there is only Tyranny and Freedom."